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New to Chartering?

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FAQ’s Luxury Yacht Charter around the UK and Mediterranean on our fleet.

Chartering a large yacht used to be a complex business, always requiring a broker who controlled the process for you.  Using this system we guide to book direct with the owners and our experts at The Yacht Set will perfect every detail of your magical charter. Our on-line booking and quotation system speeds up the process and gives you transparent pricing immediately on request 24/7. Just click and book!

If you are uncertain about your charter requirements, our brokers will be delighted to advise you. Similarly, if you wish to check the availability of any given vessel, please check our availability. Our specialist brokers are readily on hand to provide every guidance as well as a wealth of discerning expertise.


The Charter Agreement

After the availability of your chosen yacht has been verified on line, just click and book on line. You will receive a standard MYBA Charter Agreement with your bill by email. If your chosen cruising itinerary necessitates embarking or disembarking from a point other than your yacht’s home port, positioning charges (delivery/ redelivery fees) may be required and if applicable, will be confirmed in advance when you book on line and affirmed in the Charter Agreement, together with any taxes that may apply.  Its fast, easy and simple. All on line.


Operating Expenses

The APA is Intended to cover the operating expenses of a charter as explained under Charter Terms, such as fuel, food, drinks, port fees and ad hoc incidentals, the APA will be given to the captain before the start of your charter. He will ensure that the yacht is fully fuelled and provisioned when you step on board. While an up-to-date summary of accounts can be requested at any time during your charter, a full set of accounts will normally be submitted by your captain at the end of the cruise. If, during the charter, the expenditure exceeds the sum already paid, additional cash funds will be required at once.

The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is due at the time of the final charter payment. The amount of this  is usually equivalent to between 10 per cent and 25 per cent of the total charter fee for larger superyacht charter where the catering is all on board. For short one day or weekend trips on vessels under 20M (60ft), an APA is not normally needed and can be discussed with the Captain, depending on your requirements on board for your arrival.

All outstanding bills from the yacht charter should be settled in cash or by bank transfer before your final disembarkation. Of course, any remaining credit at the end of your charter will be reimbursed to you in full. On request, transfer arrangements to and from the yacht can be made by The Yacht Set or by the yacht’s captain, payment for which will be deducted from your APA.

Smoking On-Board

Smoking is only allowed outside on deck and in the case of some yachts in dedicated outside areas only. Please consult The Yacht Set for verification. For safety reasons, smoking in cabins and staterooms is prohibited on all yachts.

Recreational Equipment

The recreation equipment listed for the yachts is believed to be correct but cannot be guaranteed as they are liable to change at short notice.  The use of the equipment is included in the rate you pay. Should changes become necessary, the owner of the yacht will make every effort possible to comparably replace the equipment. Personal watercraft (jet skis, wave runners etc.) may be restricted in certain cruising areas and guests will also require an appropriate operating licence. Please check with The Yacht set first for any guidelines or if you have any specific requirements in this regard.

Expert Guidance

The Yacht Set brokers have extensive experience and an unrivalled reputation in chartering yachts of 30 metre (100ft) and above. No other business has the same degree of specialist knowledge or professional commitment. While every effort has been made to present the varied and constantly evolving facets of chartering as simply as possible in this publication, the charter team will be pleased to offer any further clarification if required.


Payment Terms

After the availability of your chosen yacht has been verified on line, just click and book on line. You will receive a standard MYBA Charter Agreement with your bill by email. If your chosen cruising itinerary necessitates embarking or disembarking from a point other than your yacht’s home port, positioning charges (delivery/ redelivery fees) may be required and if applicable, will be confirmed in advance when you book on line and affirmed in the Charter Agreement, together with any taxes that may apply.  Its fast, easy and simple. All on line.

The Details

Several weeks before you board your yacht, The Yacht Set will ask you to complete a detailed questionnaire describing the preferences and special needs of all the members of your party, such as dietary or medial requirements, details of any allergies, and your sporting or entertainment requests. This will enable The Captain and the crew of your chosen charter yacht to ensure that everything possible is done to make your charter a fabulous experience.

Satellite Television

Where these are provided please note that service cannot always be guaranteed due to differing signal strengths across the world and satellite receivers vary in capability from one yacht to another. If satellite television is important during your charter, please check with your broker to avoid any disappointment.


There is standard wireless access provided throughout most yachts although in certain areas the service can be limited and cannot be guaranteed. If you anticipate regular use of the internet or require large bandwidths during your charter, please let the Captain know before you board as upgrades may be subject to availability and there is likely to be a charge made to your account according to your requirements.

Crew Gratuities

Crew gratuities are discretionary, although it is customary for a charterer who has enjoyed the kind and attentive service of an obliging crew to extend a gratuity. Crew gratuities are normally approximately 10 per cent of the charter fee, but can be adjusted up or down according to your level of satisfaction.

The best way to ensure that all crew members receive equal recognition is to entrust the distribution of gratuities to the captain. In this way, inconspicuous crew members such as engineers and culinary staff, who make an important contribution to your enjoyment, will not be overlooked.


The Yacht Set strongly recommends charterers take out Cancellation and Curtailment Insurance to protect their investment if unforeseen circumstances prevent or curtail or cancel their charter. Additionally, all members of the charter party should be covered by Personal Accident and Medical Insurance, and their personal effects should be insured against theft, loss or damage.  We do offer favourable cancellation terms at the time of booking, but once the cancellation date has passed, the charter fees cannot be returned under any circumstances. 




Charter rates are provided by our booking system on line automatically and calculated per day(s) or by the week for the hire of the yacht from Midday to Midday. Each single night on board allows for one full 24 hour day of charter use. One night does not permit two days of use.   For an early check in or late check out to allow more use of the yacht, additional charter fees will apply. Charters over seven days are calculated pro-rata against the weekly rate divided by seven and multiplied by the number of charter days. Charters less than seven days usually attract a premium, calculated as the weekly rate divided by six, multiplied by the number of days. Certain yachts will apply a minimum amount of days charter which will be confirmed by our on line quotation system.

High season rates usually apply to the most popular charter periods, i.e. July/August and Christmas/New Year, and are also normally applicable to all major events such as the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival. Low season rates apply to all other periods (please note low and high season periods may differ for certain locations).

Please note that charter rates are subject to change according to demand.  The booking engine on line calculates the costs for your charter at the time of request.



Most charter rates that appear in this publication are based on MYBA Terms, which imply that the yacht will be provided to the charterer in full commission and with all necessary equipment, properly insured for marine risks and managed by a crew, whose wages, food and clothing are for the owner’s account.

All other operating expenses are payable by the charterer and comprise (but are not restricted to) the following items: fuel for the yacht and her tenders; local taxes; pilotage; port, harbour and marina dues; customs clearance; water and electricity; personal laundry; all provisions, wines, beers, spirits, soft drinks and consumables for the charterer’s party; shoreside excursions, telecommunication and internet costs. Please note that, occasionally, a yacht may offer a variation on the terms described above which will be included in the on line offer.  For example, Yacht Bianca Lucida offers 2 hours of fuel use per day included in the charter rate.  Our experts will provide full details of any charter terms that vary from standard MYBA Terms when presenting the relevant yachts. Whilst some yachts are legally permitted to charter in the US, others do not meet with American fiscal requirements and so are not available for charter whilst in US waters. Please enquire for further information on specific yachts.



Please note that due to European Union tax legislation, Value Added Tax may be charged on the gross Charter Fee and delivery costs for charters taking place in European Union Waters but this will be priced in on line for you and included the the rate provided. Local taxes may also apply in other countries and our brokers will provide any prevailing rates according to your chosen cruising destination and itinerary. Check with our experts for further information.


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